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Frequently Asked Questions

Episode 1

Episode 1
Get answers on budgeting in a crisis, successful Digital Transformation, learner adoption and engagement for the remote workforce & training blue collar workforce.

Episode 2

Episode 2
Get valuable insights about digital learning, LMS, and anything in between.

Episode 3

Episode 3
Find out what is better - An LMS or LXP? Which are the upcoming learn-tech trends in 2021? Who supersedes who - home-grown LMS vs. out-of-the-box LMS vs. customized LMS?

Episode 4

Episode 4
Find out all the answers pertaining to the changing L&D landscape post COVID-19.

Episode 5

Episode 5
Find out all the answers pertaining to the road ahead in the coming year for the L&D function.

Episode 6

Episode 6
Get answers on evolution of learning platforms in 2021, rise of virtual learning tools in employee L&D and streamlining partner training with an LMS.

Episode 7

Episode 7
Get valuable insights on Human Resources from the lens of employee engagement, skilling, and training.


UpsideLMS is offered as a responsive, multi-device Learning Management System, which makes it extremely easy for learners to access it on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer without any loss of experience or information. Mobile apps for iOS and Android, called as 'UpsideLMS Mobile', are also available (at an additional cost) that enables access of learning/ training content in offline mode (no Internet connectivity required) too.

Be it small companies or medium-size companies or large enterprises, more than the system being SaaS, the fit of an LMS lies in how the system has been designed and also the experience and expertise of the LMS provider. If you start with a SaaS system which meets your requirements to a large extent, it will actually be a big benefit for you in the long term. SaaS approach adds an inherent agility and quickness to the product development and improvement process. This means you will always be using a system that has evolved from when you started and adds more value on an ongoing basis. It also means that all these innovations will not cost you extra, giving you more budget to spend on other training-linked solutions and activities (e.g. more content, etc.)

For our current customers not on the SaaS version, our goal is to migrate most of them to the new version in 6-9 months post the SaaS release. Our Account Managers and Project Managers will work with each customer to prepare a migration plan. Customers using our product as-is or with minimal customisations will be able to move faster than ones who have had customisations done to UpsideLMS for their use. Our customers always get the choice to stay with the current version or upgrade. Of course, we will want all our customers to move to the new version at some point in time to leverage constant innovation UpsideLMS will bring in the time to come.

For our new customers who will start with the new version, there will be no further cost for upgrades as they happen through the term of their subscription.

As part of our current strategy, we will be releasing a major release every 3 months with minor releases happening almost every 6-8 weeks. For customers hosted on our Cloud, the upgrades will be automatic with advance information. No upgrade will impact any user data recorded in the system so far and will always occur at a time when the system is not in use. For customers with UpsideLMS on their servers – they will receive the upgrade patch with clear instructions and our Technical Support team will either execute that itself or work with customer's IT to make that happen.


UpsideLMS is a responsive, multi-device Learning Management System, which makes it extremely easy for learners to access it on a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, and computer without any loss of experience or information. UpsideLMS also extends its superlative User Experience (UX) on mobile devices through its Online Mobile App, called UpsideLMS Mobile.

UpsideLMS Mobile enables you to deliver training in a more effective and interactive way by enabling learners to not only access real-time data but also the ability to download resources and videos, and access them offline anytime-anywhere, and sync once online to update the progress in UpsideLMS.

UpsideLMS Mobile, Online for iOS and Android, as the Responsive Learner side, is a standard feature of UpsideLMS and is included in the base price.

Customisations and Integrations

As in other SaaS software, the goal is to continuously make our system better and keep it aligned with the changing learning ecosystem. A big part of this would be the customer feedback in terms of features needed but missing in the product, etc. We will strive to incorporate all feedback we receive from our customers into UpsideLMS. Given other feedback to implement along with the new features planned, not all feedback may be incorporated in the next release itself and may have to be spread over a few releases.

No, since we are not developing anything specifically for one customer and also once we incorporate the feature it can be used by other customers – we will not charge for the same.

A core part of the UpsideLMS, moving forward, is the set of APIs written in it. These plug-and-play APIs will make it easy to integrate with other systems. With every minor and major release, we will keep adding more and more readily available connectors with systems our customers use for a variety of purposes.

Yes, UpsideLMS can work with any other systems (with APIs/Web services) for SSO or more detailed data exchange either ways.

Hosting and Security

UpsideLMS Cloud is built on Microsoft Azure, which is an extremely secure environment both at the server and the physical infrastructure level. This is the reason we work only with the world's best Cloud provider. In addition to the secure cloud, UpsideLMS has been designed and developed to ensure complete data protection and security.

We have distributed Cloud environments in multiple geographies. UpsideLMS' customers are across the globe and we serve our clients from a cloud that makes most sense for them in terms of speed, experience and any data protection regulations. We can provide more information on request.

Yes, UpsideLMS can also be deployed and hosted on your own data centres - internal or external. It could either be done remotely using our Expert Services or at your location.

UpsideLMS will be available from our cloud as well as as an option to deploy behind a customer's firewall.

Billing and Payment

We currently accept Wire/Electronic Transfers for all our customers. Additionally, for our Indian customers, we also accept Cheques drawn on a recognised Indian bank. We are working with our Bank to start accepting Credit Cards soon.

You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually as per your convenience without any additional fees. Kindly note that banks may charge wire transfer fees for each payment though.

Client can choose to change their payment plan from Annual to Quarterly to Monthly, in whichever order. Having said that, clients cannot cancel the subscription in middle of an yearly term, unless there is a material breach of legal agreement.

Administration and Support

We offer free technical support for System Administrators, inclusive of our licence cost. Clients can also chose for End User support plan.

Yes, we offer additional UpsideLMS Administration Services for customers who may not have or may not need a full team to manage LMS for their users. This differs from the Technical Support (which is free).


Application Program Interface (API) is set of connectors that allows systems to interface and exchange data sets with each other. UpsideLMS comes with a ready set of secure APIs for Creating, Updating and Managing user accounts; Fetching Catalogue - its Curriculums and Content; Fetching Learning Plan; and many more are regularly added. Learn about UpsideLMS APIs.

We have API support documents available which will help client teams to understand and deploy the APIs with ease. Our client engagement team will also be available to guide and assist the clients with APIs.

While it is not mandatory to use the available APIs, it is advisable. This will save a lot of manual Admin tasks and automate data exchange between UpsideLMS and other client system(s).

The API allows UpsideLMS to receive User profile information from an HRMS, Intranet Portal, ERP or Legacy system. This data exchange will facilitate automatic User creation and edit in UpsideLMS thereby significantly reducing the manual Admin task.

The API allows to pulling Training Catalogue information from UpsideLMS to any web portal. This can be used by Training Companies or Enterprise clients to showcase all available training components in the Catalogue, that a learner can enrol into.

The API allows to Pull Learning Plan information from UpsideLMS to any Web Portal. This can be used by Training Companies or Enterprise client to showcase all enrolled training components in their individual Learning Plan.

The data exchange via API is highly secured. We use Advanced Encryption Standard or AES, which is a symmetric block cipher used by the U.S. government to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data.


UpsideLMS is available in seven languages – English, Arabic, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and Vietnamese.


No, there is no storage or bandwidth consumption limit on content storage and delivery via UpsideLMS.

Yes, absolutely. The URL to be used by your administrators and other users can be chosen by you.

Yes, your company's branding is included in the low flat fee.

Portal is a way to offer training to separate, isolated groups of users e.g. a corporate customer for a training company or distinct operating divisions for an enterprise. It allows logical and reporting level separation of both user and content and all related data. A portal can have its own branding too for a true decentralised experience (comes with a Super Admin console for overall management and administration).

Our comprehensive library of over 80,000 off-the-shelf eLearning, mLearning and micorlearning courses and videos ensures your learners have access to the latest and the best on everything from Behavioral to Technical Skills. Our content is sourced from the best-in-business to ensure highest-quality and optimum learner engagement.

Yes, absolutely. UpsideLMS comes with an in-built shopping cart and eCommerce engine. It can work with an API-enabled payment gateway and your users can pay online with convenience and enrol for courses.

Yes, we are currently offering a FREE 2-weeks trial. Also our Sales teams would be happy to do demos for you and other stakeholders to assist you in evaluating UpsideLMS in detail.

Subscription User licences are Concurrent user licences which are transferrable and reusable during the term of the subscription. It refers to the maximum number of users who can use the system at any time.

Server Requirement

Windows Server 2012R2 64-bit Standard Edition
Apache Tomcat Server 7
Apache Server 2.4.20
MS SQL Server

Browser compatibility

IE 9, 10, 11; Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m; Firefox 50.1.0 on Windows 7 and 10
Safari 9.0.1; Chrome 55.0.2883.95; Firefox 50.1.0 on MAC OS - X 10.11.1

Mobile OS compatibility (only Learner-side)

iOS 8.4, 9.3.2, 10 (Safari 8, 9)
Android 4.4.2, 5, 6.0.1 (Chrome 54.0.2840.68)

UpsideLMS Mobile App

iOS UpsideLMS Mobile App requires iOS 11.0 or higher
Android UpsideLMS Mobile App requires Android 7.1.1 or higher

Good to great L&D is a call away      

Good to great L&D is a call away

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