Rajesh Shintre  | 

Rajesh leads UpsideLMS' Project Implementation, Support, Training and QA team with his 24+ years of work experience. Ensuring quality and timely project delivery followed by undisrupted 24x7 technical support to UpsideLMS' clients, he drives his teams to follow project deadlines and SLAs while retaining clients through immediate redressal of product issues and maintaining health of client projects.

His skills in Project Management, LMS Product Support Management, Client Engagement and Business Improvisation have been honed by his 11 years of work experience for UpsideLMS and previous 11 of being an Engagement Manager, Head – QA and Programmer in leading IT companies.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Master's Diploma in Software Engineering, Rajesh has done Business Management Diploma and Executive MBA.

A football player, his love for fountain pens is demonstrated by his collection over 1500 fountain pens.