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UpsideLMS Connect - October 2018 - Issue 13
Never be too busy to meet someone new.
Meet us at People Matters 2018 L&D Conference!
Meet us at People Matters 2018 L&D Conference!

We will be in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai on 23rd Oct. at booth G5 as the Gold Sponsor of the biggest L&D event in India this year.

What's in store for you at our booth:

New feature releases: Our soon-to-be-released UpsideLMS Advanced Analytics feature.

Live Demos: Get detailed, personalized walkthrough of UpsideLMS and our Mobility solutions.

Consulting: Get befitting, unbiased solutions for your L&D and training challenges.

Experiential Lab: Get a hands-on experience and play around with our solutions.

And while you are there, don't miss:


UpsideLMS EventBuddy: An iOS & Android custom-developed app for all conference related details along with utility tools for Taking Notes and Booking a Meeting with our Team. Psst! Tons of prizes to be won too! Just download & play (simple) games!


Prizes & Takeaways up to Rs. 5000: Get amply rewarded (for playing games on the app) with prizes and takeaways from popular brands.

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L&D Matters Newsletter: Pick up a copy of our newsletter that's steeped in all things L&D – Research Insights, Best Practices, Tech Titbits - with a good dose of comic relief too!

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Fireside Chat: Amit Gautam, our Director, will be joining other L&D leaders for an insightful panel discussion on – 'Culture of Learning at Scale' at 11.30 AM in the Grand Ballroom 2.

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Play to Learn, Learn to Play: Understanding Gamification in Learning
Learning & Development in a Changing Workforce Model

Catering to a remote workforce whose learning needs are unique is a huge responsibility for today’s L&D professionals. Even as working models are changing all the time to cater to this workforce, L&D is coming up with innovative and disruptive strategies to fulfil the learning needs of remote workers and providing them with much-needed on-the-job learning.

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5 steps to a solid Mobile Learning (Delivery) Strategy
Learner Engagement the FOMO way

As the makers of the world-renowned Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, we leverage some principles of the Fear-of-Missing-Out (FOMO) and game-y addictiveness to aid learner engagement and motivation. And you can too. Here are a couple of strategies you can put into practice as a part of your L&D interventions from the get go.

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Debunking the top 8 LMS Myths
L&D: Fueling the Next Frontier of Growth

As technological disruptions are changing the way workplaces operate, it is upon L&D to ensure that employees have ample learning opportunities to make them stick around for longer. It is time for L&D to create new prospects by leveraging technology to herald a learning culture that drives future growth.

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It’s raining (LMS) features!
UpsideLMS Gamification: The perfect game plan for Learner Engagement & Motivation

Introducing Gamification in UpsideLMS was a natural outcome of our continuous upgrades and ever-evolving product roadmap. Here's is a deep dive into our recently released version, 8.5, that leverages game-mechanics for learning/ training.

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Explore the Best Value SaaS LMS and Mobile App
ISS caters to the individual L&D needs of its geographically dispersed offices with UpsideLMS
Mobile Learning in the Workplace: 2018 and Beyond (eBook)

As critical as it is to make the decision on incorporating mLearning in an organisation's L&D interventions, it's equally important to focus on the mLearning tools and solutions that are appropriate for 'the business'. A job made rather daunting by the presence of multiple mobile and computing technologies and trends. With a view to addressing this challenge for businesses and enabling them to take correct decisions, this comprehensive eBook will give companies an in-depth view into mLearning in the workplace of 2018 and beyond!

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The UpsideLMS-BizLibrary partnership adds to the learn-tech provider's Off-the-Shelf Content Portfolio
Amit Gautam joins People Matters TweetChat for its upcoming L&D Conference 2018
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UpsideLMS Mobile Apps now available on its Self-Set-up Trial Area
Training Industry features UpsideLMS in its Learning Portal/LMS Watch List for the 8th consecutive year
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Offline Learning made possible with UpsideMOVE
UpsideLMS puts its game face on; Releases Gamification in version 8.5
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Offline Learning made possible with UpsideMOVE
UpsideLMS and ISS' Joint Entry makes it to Learning Technologies 2018 Awards Shortlist
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L&D Analytics – Putting Data to Work

The key to meeting any and all moments of learning needs, today, is Data Analytics. With data gathered about learners, about employees' job performance, and about activity and success (or failure) in eLearning and in application of skills, L&D teams have a wealth of clues as to what's needed, what skills people lack, where they need to update, and where they excel.

In an eLearning context, that could mean:

Comparing data on what training an employee has completed (and when) with data on his/her job results can indicate whether the training has been effective.


Graphing the performance or results of employees within a division or of comparable teams can enable managers to see who's doing well and who needs training or performance support.


Studying a visualisation on engagement with various aspects of training - how many learners start watching a video vs. how many complete it or whether more learners complete a game-based review or listen to a podcast presenting the same information - can offer insight into how best to engage learners.

Data on performance and quiz scores can reveal whether learners are retaining and applying skills and knowledge, long after training has ended.

Quantitative data examples in an eLearning context might be:

Man-hours & Man-days (average man hours across company with ideal man hours)

Learning preference (what kind of training my employees are preferring)

Training Effectiveness (post training measures)

Social Learning (how collaboratively my learners are learning)

Qualitative data examples in an eLearning context might be:

Percentage of learners who indicate that the course they've just completed was relevant to their job duties

Whether customer satisfaction ratings are higher for retail employees who have completed training vs. those who have not

Learner Engagement + Analytics = UpsideLMS
UpsideLMS is one of the most awarded SaaS Learning Management Systems that helps you manage your Online, Offline, Formal, Informal, Social and Mobile (with its Responsive Learner side and app-based platform) Learning without breaking into a sweat.

View video to learn how UpsideLMS can help your business.

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