Executive - Admin

Job Code - ExecAdmin

Designation: Executive - Admin

Experience: 4 + years

No. of positions: 1

Qualification: Any Graduation

Job Description:


  • Day to day check for all HK related tasks as per process
  • Keeping the daily checklist updated and monitoring if the HK staff keeps their checklist upto-date
  • SKU - Stock keeping unit - Housekeeping & Stationery material and placing order
  • Leave & Attendance monitoring of HK staff and ensuring replacements are given in case of absenteeism


  • Day to day check for all Security related activities as per process
  • Ensuring the premises safety protocol is maintained as per process
  • Leave & Attendance monitoring of Security staff and ensuring replacements are given in case of absenteeism
  • Keeping a watch on their night shift duties so as to ensure no breach of security protocol happens

Office related:

  • Ensuring all registers are maintained and filled by both HK & Security staff daily and sign off is done
  • Ensuring that the office premises is kept clean and sanitized
  • Keys register and keys kept safely - of all doors, main door, IT room, Finance room, HR room, terrace, canteen, DG and other common area
  • Finance - banking activities, cheque deposits and signature
  • Parking Area maintenance
  • Diesel level check - of DG

Licenses & Annual Services:

  • AMC – UPS
  • Generator - servicing on call all basis
  • AC - quarterly servicing (filter cleaning etc.)
  • Fire extinguishers - refilling annually
  • Office Shopact License Renewal (Annually)
  • Transport cab service AMC
  • Director of Industry - License renewal for Electricity unit rate


  • Keeping a check on the order quantity of breakfast/lunch/snacks and tea and co-ordinating with the vendor for the same
  • Ensuring hygiene in the Canteen area is maintained at all times
  • Maintaining Muster of employees availing this facility and sharing the inputs with HR

Transport facility:

  • SPOC between UpsideLMS team and Cab Vendor for ensuring that this facility is availed by employees with no-hassle
  • Keeping a check on the route Cab vendor takes to ensure that employees are dropped off safely
  • Arranging late-night cab facility for employees who are asked to work till late in office & ensuring drops as per policy
  • Monthly bill checking and AMC

HR related:

  • SPOC for gifting vouchers on special occasions
  • Announcements - Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries
  • ID cards & Visiting Cards – issuance
  • Letterheads - stock keep
  • Emailing - greetings to employees on special days
  • Salary - Cheque depositions
  • Corporate gifting – identifying vendors, sharing quotations, placing orders and couriering of gifts.
  • Employee Dossiers (filing)
  • Providing support to HR Manager and management on case-to-case or project basis

Other department support:

  • Give support to other teams for - scanning, couriering, printing, signatures needed etc.
  • Researching and sharing contact details & CRM activity – Marketing
  • Printing work
  • IT related support - couriering laptops, taking sign off from employees etc.

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