Want ‘Facebook’ In Your LMS?

One of the perks of being involved in a sales role is the interesting and enriching conversations with clients and prospects. I find such interactions extremely rewarding as they give an insight into whatthe real customer demands are and what we need to focus on. It also helps in creating material that educates customers and addresses their needs in a more organized fashion. I need ‘Facebook’… Of late one of the things I’ve heard from prospects and clients is “I need Facebook in my LMS”. We’ve been hearing about need for collaboration and social tools within learning and the LMS quite frequently in last twelve months but last week a couple of clients actually mentioned ‘Facebook’ is what they need in their LMS. On further probing ‘Facebook’ translates to easy ways of interacting and sharing information with colleagues and friends within the organizations defined boundaries. The central idea often is also expressed as “I want to create some PULL for the learning that we provide in our organization”. I absolutely love this part as we all learn when we need some learning. Most times during PUSH training we are going through the motions. Let’s face it –  it’s not possible any other way – with adults. Upside Learning stands strongly in support of informal, social, and just in time learning – what we consider as real PULL type learning. Our products best value lms – UpsideLMS and Upside2Go embody that stand with features that help organizations incorporate social & informal learning in their training mix with relative ease. ‘Facebook’ is just the metaphor… I believe Facebook is just a metaphor of the changing times. It is the beginning of a permanent change in workplace training structure that’s coming fast. The need is to stay connected with an audience whose profile is changing fast. The Digital Natives have entered the workplace and the GenX is becoming more used to new technologies. The effect is on the way the workforce retrieves and uses information to do their jobs.  In response L&D teams are working to create new structures that help keep the organizations most productive. Do you want Facebook in your LMS?


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Amit is a mobile learning aficionado. An avid learner of mobile and technology himself, he helps organisations understand and implement mLearning. He also helps them in taking wiser decisions in eLearning by leveraging his 16+ years experience in the learning solutions domain.

At Upside Learning, Amit is the 'ideas man'. He guides the Custom Learning Solutions and Sales teams for Europe, the UK and Asia Pacific markets, and is a prime idea generator for the Marketing team.

He shares his thoughts, knowledge and insights on technology and learning on Upside Learning's blog and has co–authored an eBook on mLearning.

He was listed amongst the top ten eLearning movers and shakers for 2013 and 2014 in the World list, was on top of the Australia-Pacific list for 2013 and 2014, and continues to be ranked amongst the top ten in 2015 and 2016.

Amit holds an Engineering degree (IIT – Kharagpur) and Management degree (XLRI – Jamshedpur), and has earlier worked in Process and Automotive industries.