UpsideLMS Is One Of The Five Emerging Learning Management Systems To Watch! I am pleased to share that our flagship and award-winning Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, has been named as one of the “Five Emerging Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to Watch” by Brandon Hall,  chairman of Brandon Hall Research in Chief Learning Officer magazine’s July 2010 edition.  UpsideLMS is a fully-featured social learning management system offering integrated support for formal and informal learning.

The theme of the article is summarized in the initial paragraph copied below:

“New learning management systems arrive on the scene almost daily. These technologies include both key functionalities and features you expect to find as well as additional capabilities that, in some cases, go above and beyond those found in some of the best-known pre-existing systems. Here are five up-and-coming LMS providers to watch.”

Here is what the note for UpsideLMS in the article says:

Upside Learning: Upside LMS is another example of a social learning management system. The system has real-time Twitter feeds built in, allowing learners to see the tweets of those following them or those who are friends of theirs within the LMS. They also can see their friends’ tweets from outside the system.

The LMS also includes a WordPress blog that learners can post to, and postings can be viewed both from within and outside the system. Further, while the system’s wiki resembles Wikipedia, the discussions section looks similar to LinkedIn group discussion pages. Also included are features to enable the creation of communities, as well as the ability to create photo albums and upload videos. Similar to YouTube content, these videos can track who uploaded the content and when the videos were uploaded or updated and monitor the number of views.”

The UpsideLMS comes with a unique social learning framework that lets users access social tools from within the LMS in a robust and secure environment. This framework provides a unique way to capture various types of knowledge that are prevalent in the enterprise. It goes beyond the conventional view of courseware, assignments and assessment, to become a system fundamental to an enterprise and its employees’ success.

Making it to the watch list of one of Five Emerging Learning Management Systems by Brandon Hall – a well-respected independent eLearning research leader, has come close on the heels of being the only LMS to collect 3 awards in 2009 Brandon Hall Awards for Excellence in Learning Technology. The product we have today is clearly a leader in the learning management space when it comes to integrating social learning with more ‘conventional’ formal learning.

In the time to come, we will see more recognition for the UpsideLMS.