A lot can happen in a year! And a lot has certainly happened in 2018, in terms of Learning Technology. We saw the emergence of some new trends. While some existing ones gained a steady foothold. Trends like Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Learning, Personalized Learning and Micro Learning have become great drivers of growth and improvement across the learning industry.

But, New Year means newer challenges, and a perfect time for enterprises, employees, L&D and HR professionals, and us, to start looking at the latest trends while evaluating the hottest buzz words in Learning Technology with a pinch of salt.

Precisely what we have done through our latest infographic, titled ‘Top Learning Technology Trends 2019’! Many noteworthy trends, including Micro Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR/VR, that are set to transform the learning technology landscape dominate the infographic. Overall, you will get a detailed insight into the most-talked-about learn-tech trends that are cutting-edge, engaging and effective, and drive employee growth and improve the organization’s learning culture.

The year 2019 holds a lot of promise for learning technology, with more and more organizations considering newer and better ways to provide learning to their workforce. And, in today’s fast-paced digital environment, it is a given that learning and technology complement each other to provide L&D professionals and learners with cutting-edge learning solutions. So let’s dive into this comprehensive infographic and look at the hottest trends in learning technology for the year 2019 here.
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