We will be unveiling the best version of UpsideLMS yet, called UpsideLMS X, at The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2019 on 23rd and 24th Oct in Las Vegas. Why X? Because not only is it our SaaS Learning Management System’s 10th version, it is also packed with an X-factor that sets it apart from the rest. Actually, it’s not one, but 4 Xs.

1. ‘Xperience’ an LMS UI/ UX like no other!

UpsideLMS X’s AI-powered recommendation engine along with its user-centric UI makes for an enriched and smart learning journey. Relevant content is suggested to the learners automatically as it constantly gathers intelligence from user behaviors, skill-sets and information pieces across the board to produce a rich pool of related content and deep search results.

2. ‘Xcite’ users with the most-innovative and comprehensive LMS yet!

From Advanced Analytics and Gamification to integration with leading learning libraries and 3rd party software, UpsideLMS offers an innovative and full-featured learning platform like no other. Our Agile designing and development approach and free upgrades means businesses can stay one step ahead of the game, today and always!

3. ‘Xtend’ your LMS for Dealer, Partner, Customer Training and more!

Be it Extended Enterprise Training or hosting multiple departments on the same setup, UpsideLMS’ multi-portal architecture makes it all possible. Distinctive branding, separate login access, dedicated URL and a personalized learning environment for each portal – everything’s covered, without the hassle and cost of multiple Learning Management Systems!

4. ‘Xtremely’ easy to roll out

Enjoy quick deployment, lower set-up costs, plus free technical support and free cloud hosting with UpsideLMS SaaS. Distributed geographically, it leverages the strength of Microsoft Azure to give organizations the best security, scalability, mobility and reliability on any device of their choice.

So swing by booth 1109 for the Xperience, the Xcitement, the Xtreme and the Xtended everything! Can’t wait until 23rd October? Then register here to get a sneak peek of UpsideLMS X and #UnleashYourX.


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