More than half (54 %) of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling in just 3 years1, while top soft skill priorities for L&D for 2020 include innovation (45%), change management (42%), communication & storytelling (40%)2.

And this is just the beginning!

Investing in your human capital is not only critical to employee development, it is a key competitive differentiator for your business. However, L&D professionals often find themselves struggling to choose between custom-developed eLearning and ready-to-use online content libraries.

Although both these options have benefits and advantages of their own, the business case for off-the-shelf courses is way too profound to be overruled.

Going the online content library route

Even if making the choice between custom content and catalog may seem easy from a decision-making POV, selecting off-the-shelf courses that fit your needs is easier said than done.

We have heard your challenges loud and clear, and have put together a guidebook just for you. Called ‘Online Content Libraries– An eLearning must-have’, the comprehensive ebook explores the need for online content libraries and how L&D professionals can leverage them to:

  • achieve a quick and effective roll-out of their eLearning programs
  • bring about effectiveness in times of a global economic meltdown
  • learn how global organizations (real client stories) leverage content libraries to boost their L&D initiatives

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