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80% of all employees use smartphone at work.

The mobile workforce is going to double or triple in size by the year 2018 with 70% of on-the-go professionals taking care of business on their personal mobile devices.

By 2017, half of the world’s employers may impose a mandatory BYOD policy — requiring employees to bring their own laptop, tablet or smartphone to work.

All of these findings by Gartner point to but one thing – Mobile Learning is here and now!

However, in spite of increasing mobile penetration and Internet usage, when it comes to speed of access, Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report shows that internet users in many countries – notably India – still suffer from disappointingly slow connections via both fixed and mobile services. In some other cases, the nature of the industry (eg. Oil and Mining) involves work that needs to be done in offsite locations that don’t have an Internet connection. While there are some instances, airplane for example, when data connection needs to be switched off.

In all of these scenarios, how can we ensure that the employee downtime is utilized effectively and the learning doesn’t stop? What is needed is a learning platform that allows learners to access learning/ training on their devices without the need for an Internet connection. An Offline Mobile LMS.

It is with this key requirement in mind that we have launched UpsideMOVE, an offline mobile app for iOS and Android powered by UpsideLMS.

With support for ‘Offline’ learning, meaning learners can download the training resources on their local mobile storage, oftentimes their own mobile phones, when connected to the Internet, and access these multiple times at their convenience, while on a plane or in a remote area with no/ low Internet connectivity, UpsideMOVE is a game-changer for L&D! Available as a (Free) app for all iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile devices, UpsideMOVE supports Videos, Courses, and Reference Materials (in the form of Documents, Presentations, and Images). Its two-way synchronization of the learners’ training progress between the mobile app and the LMS (UpsideLMS is the backend) ensures that all offline training activity undertaken by the learners is tracked, with complete syncing and updating of progress in UpsideLMS when back online. To the learners it means an uninterrupted, seamless learning experience, while to the organizations it means just-in-time, on-the-go training that brings in the twin advantages of flexibility and mobility, without the need of a continuous Internet connection. Further, for organizations dealing with sensitive data, encryption of all training content downloaded by users on their devices along with a strict login authentication on the UpsideMOVE application ensures complete security and privacy.

Key Features:

Wide Range of Content Supported

Learners can access (uploaded) Videos, Courses (SCORM 1.2 HTML 5) and Reference Materials (Documents, Presentations, Images) through the app.

Wide Range of Content Supported

Complete Security and Privacy

UpsideMOVE encrypts all training content downloaded by users onto their devices using AES Data Encryption. Further, the content is available to users post authentication of their credentials on the UpsideMOVE application.

Complete Security and Privacy

Continuous, On-The-Go Learning

You can take the training assigned to you while offline, with your progress being automatically tracked and synced with UpsideLMS when connected (back) to the Internet.

Continuous, On-The-Go Learning

A Strong LMS Backend

With a robust Learning Management System with over a decade’s legacy of innovation and best value as its backend, UpsideMOVE is everything you have come to expect from UpsideLMS and more! Now in its version 8.0, UpsideLMS is abundant in features and functionalities suited for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs), large Enterprises, and Training Companies.

A Strong LMS Backend

UpsideMOVE can be downloaded on the Mac App Store or on Google Play Store.

To see UpsideMOVE in action, Request A Demo now!


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Amit has spoken at various L&D events in the US, has co-hosted webinars alongside leading industry experts and has authored eBooks on Learning Management Systems. He has served as a judge for the Brandon Hall awards in 2002 and 2004. Amit holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (NIT–Kurukshetra) and a Masters in Business Administration (IIM – Lucknow).

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