On-the-go or not, employees are hooked to their mobile devices for everything – from News, Communication, Shopping to Learning, Training and beyond. Quite simply then, incorporating mobiles as a part of your L&D strategy is no longer an option, but a critical component of your training today.

In my earlier post, I had given you 5 Reasons you Cannot Escape mLearning in 2018, and today, I want to shed some light on the ‘real’ Mobile Learning trends you need to sit up, take notice of and incorporate in your learning/training interventions NOW. Why ‘real’? Because there are a ton of new mobile technologies and trends out there and not all have (immediate) applications in L&D. Or are not so feasible from the adoption POV in terms of time, effort, money and returns.

When speaking about Mobile Learning, it’s hard not to think of Mobile Apps or bite-sized content, in the form of course nuggets and video snippets. And while these are important, wearing a myopic lens and focusing on these alone won’t cut it. Not in 2018 at least. I can assure you that.

Listen to me and my colleagues as we share our thoughts on the top mLearning trends for Workplace Learning.

Some Mobile Learning trend we missed? Drop in a comment. I’d love to hear!


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