At UpsideLMS, we are a sucker for the shiny and the new in learn-tech. If it’s trending, we make it a point to see it. If it’s making some noise, we make it a point to hear it. If it’s disrupting, we ensure it’s us doing it!

So it’s only natural that we shine the light on what seems to be the success mantra for L&D worldwide – Mobile Learning! (Mobile-enabled learning is a big part of what we do too – UpsideMOVE, an offline mLearning app, and UpsideLMS Mobile, the app extension of our renowned LMS, are two such examples.)

Fueled by the increased penetration and usage of smartphones in today’s always-connected, digital age, mLearning has moved from the stage of ‘awareness’ to ‘consideration’, and is fast moving into the final stage of ‘adoption’. It is this very layer of Mobile Learning that we dissect – analyzing the what, the why and the how of this innovation training approach from the corporate L&D point of view – in our latest infographic, ‘The ‘Mobile’ of Workplace Learning’.

Apart from drawing upon the statistics and facts from the latest mobile-, mLearning- and workplace learning-related research reports, ‘The ‘Mobile’ of Workplace Learning’ leverages our 14+ years expertise and experience in the eLearning and learn-tech space to give you a real view into the mLearning world. Plus, the various ‘practical’ mobile learning applications in the workplace listed in it makes it a great go-to resource for organizations/ individuals considering mLearning for their business.

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