Mobile Learning: Take the leap at just $5999!Mobile Learning has been on the horizon for a long time now. In its early days, technical constraints and the lack of understanding of mLearning itself deterred its adoption. While a lot has changed (and improved!) since then, mLearning is still struggling to take off.

But that was till now.

Mobile Learning will now come into effect and reach its potential as we unveil an introductory offer on our recently launched mLearning platform with support for Offline access, UpsideMOVE. As a part of this limited-time offer, UpsideMOVE will be available at a One-Time-and-Free-Forever Price of USD 5999 only! Organizations can also benefit from Free 365x24x7 Tech Support, Free Upgrades, and Free Hosting as a part of this never before offer valid until 31st Jan 2018. So hurry!

See UpsideLMS Mobile in action:


  • Wide Range of Content Supported (Videos, HTML5 SCORM 1.2 Courses, PPTs, PDFs, Word Docs)
  • Complete Security and Privacy (AES Data Encryption + User Authentication on mobile)
  • Can work with any 3rd party LMS (or works with UpsideLMS)
  • Free 365x24x7 Tech Support for 1 year
  • Free Upgrades for 1 year
  • Free Hosting

C’mon! Make the most of this offer. Get in touch now and mEnable your training!


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