Switch (your LMS) and Gain this holiday seasonHolidays are around the corner; Christmas with the happy jingle of Santa’s bells and the New Year with a promise of a brighter tomorrow. It’s the time of the year to make some new resolutions, and break a few old ones. It’s also the time to ‘Change’.

Change to a new-er and a better Learning Management System, that is!

UpsideLMS offers you a never-before opportunity to switch from your existing Learning Management System to the Best Value, SaaS LMS. A full-featured learning platform with support for Online, Offline (No Internet Access), Formal, Informal and Mobile Learning, UpsideLMS has everything you need for managing your training today and for a future-proofed tomorrow.

As a part of this offer, valid until 28th Feb 2018, you also get:

  • 6 Additional (FREE) Months on the 12-month pricing
  • FREE Data Migration
  • Free Upgrades, Hosting, and 365x24x7 Tech Support

Yes, Christmas did come early!

So no more bolting onto different systems to cope with emerging learning-tech challenges. Or being stuck with the same ol’ ways of doing things.

Get in Touch now and ‘gain’ all the way this new year!


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