LMS for Training Companies – Then & Now: Get The Free eBook Now, more than ever, Training Companies are accepting eLearning with open arms. Now, more than ever, Learning Management Systems are undergoing a massive transformation.

From the days when Classroom/ Human Mediated Training was the norm for Training Companies, to today when different modes of training delivery are, slowly but surely, making their presence felt, the Learning Management System has evolved (and continues to evolve) with each step in time. ‘LMS for Training Companies – Then & Now’ is an eBook which will take you through this journey of the LMS. It will help you understand why training providers had to break away from their core competency of classroom training and also the ever changing and the evolving role of the LMS. It will also give you a sneak peak into the future by making predictions about the changes that one can expect in the LMS in the coming period.

It’s an eBook that is a must-have not just for folks in the training industry, but for others interested in the Learning Management domain. And here’s the deal – it’s absolutely FREE. So download now .

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