Everyone has either heard or read the term ‘learning never ends’ sometime in life and wondered what it means, exactly? Well, what it really means is that learning is a lifelong process and not a stop gap solution to acquiring knowledge. Lifelong Learning is the process of gaining knowledge and skills throughout the course of one’s life, for personal or professional reasons.

Today’s digital marketplace is evolving at an alarming rate, and the value and benefits of Lifelong Learning in L&D cannot be highlighted more. Through our latest presentation ‘Life, Learning & Lifelong Learning- Quotes from Business Leaders, Thinkers and Do-ers’, we have highlighted the role Lifelong Learning has played in the lives of top business leaders, ranging from innovators and pioneers like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates to humanitarian leaders like Michelle Obama; and how they have subscribed to Lifelong Learning as a tried and tested method to continued success.

With more and more organizations feeling the need to create a continuous learning culture, it is vital to consider the value of a lifelong learning ecosystem to help the workforce of the future to upskill. Acting as a motivational guide, the presentation is sure to help organizations imbibe the importance of continuous learning in its employees, and help them throughout their lives and careers.

Technological innovations like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already beginning to disrupt the existing L&D function, and it has become vital for L&D professionals to adapt to the changing requirements of the workplace of the future, where employees can learn effectively and seamlessly for years to come.

The ‘Life, Learning & Lifelong Learning- Quotes from Business Leaders, Thinkers and Do-ers’ presentation is available for viewing here.


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