For us this New Year has been more than just resolutions. After a successful 2010, we are all geared up for 2011 with more events and more plans. And hence more opportunities to help you in managing your learning better!

We are kick starting the year with a Brandon Hall Research webinar on ‘How to Select the Right LMS for Your Small/Medium Business’. Scheduled on January 19th, 2011, this would be the first of many webinars that we have planned for 2011. This FREE webinar will be sponsored by Upside Learning and will address the critical problems and questions faced by most Small- and Medium- Businesses (SMBs) while selecting an LMS.

The thought for the webinar is rooted in the fact that Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are playing an increasingly important role in workplace learning by providing a suitable platform for managers to manage learning effectively.  Although large organizations have adopted these systems readily, their high costs and technological infrastructure requirements have prevented Small- & Medium- Businesses to utilize LMSs to their full potential.

Tom Werner, a Brandon Hall Research Senior Analyst in charge of LMS research, along with Richard Nantel, CEO of Brandon Hall, will conduct the 1 hour session, sharing insights on how to make LMS selection efficient and accurate. The session would be concluded by a Q&A session wherein the participants would have an opportunity to interact with the experts one-on-one.

The FREE 60 minute webinar will be held on January 19, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST.


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Amit has played a key role in bringing an innovative approach to the traditional Learning Management System (LMS) and has been instrumental in putting UpsideLMS on the global map.With over two decades of work
experience across IT and eLearning, Amit has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in start-up management, project management, technology solutions consulting, and technology solutions architecting and development. At UpsideLMS too, Amit continues to wear multiple hats as the key idea generator for UpsideLMS' tech-ops team, a Sales and Marketing orchestrator, a learning technology solutions consultant for his clients and prospects, a sounding board of ideas for his team of experts and a mentor for all the function heads. All product offerings birthed and led by Amit, be it the Learning Management System or the Mobile Learning Apps, have been disruptors in the eLearning industry and ahead of their times.


Amit is an active contributor to the company's blog and many eLearning forums. He has been profiled by Learning Solutions, a leading industry publication and the official online publication of the eLearning Guild, for its 'Leaders in the Limelight' series. He distils his expertise and experience into articles, which are regularly published in leading L&D and HR publications across the world.


Amit has spoken at various L&D events in the US, has co-hosted webinars alongside leading industry experts and has authored eBooks on Learning Management Systems. He has served as a judge for the Brandon Hall awards in 2002 and 2004. Amit holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (NIT–Kurukshetra) and a Masters in Business Administration (IIM – Lucknow).

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