LMS Success without Superpowers (Free Toolkit)Superpower be so cool. It could transport you from one place (or even era) to another, give you superhuman strength, make you invisible in the blink of an eye, heal injuries or diseases. The list is endless. Unfortunately, none of these can help you with your training. Leave alone the Learning Management System.

Too bad, eh? Nah!

With a culled and curated collection of our finest LMS resources to help you make your LMS initiative a success, you won’t need any superpower.

Presenting our first LMS toolkit – LMS Success Kit.

Covering everything from RFP Guidelines and LMS Pricing to Marketing your LMS internally and actual LMS implementation, and beyond, ‘LMS Success Kit’ will fast-track your journey to LMS success. The kit distills our 13+ years of industry experience across diverse industries, geographies and verticals, and LMS know-how. Whether you are implementing an LMS for the first time or switching to another one, this kit is for you.

Key topics:

1. 10 Effective LMS RFP Guidelines
2. LMS Buying Tips
3. LMS Switching Guide
4. LMS Pricing 101
6. A Step-by-step Guide to LMS Success
7. Marketing Strategy for a Successful LMS Roll-Out
8. LMS Case Studies

‘LMS Success Kit’ is available for a FREE download here.