A Step-by-step Guide to LMS Success (eBook)Selecting the right LMS is critical. However, the actual success of your LMS initiative hinges on ‘how’ and ‘what’ your LMS vendor does, through the process of LMS Selection to Implementation and beyond, to help you understand and leverage the Learning Management System for achieving your L&D and business objectives.

Written from the perspective of an LMS vendor, our latest eBook, titled ‘A Step-by-step Guide to LMS Success‘, shares insights on what an LMS vendor should do to ensure success of its clients’ LMS initiatives while doling out tons of advice and tips for clients to get the most of their LMS vendors. The eBook draws upon the experience of UpsideLMS’ Client Relationship Leaders and our Best Value, SaaS LMS’ own experience of being an LMS leader for the past 12+ years.

Key takeaways:

  • Starting from the Start – Presales & Sales
  • The Secret to Successful Client Onboarding
  • The Key Drivers for Successful Implementation
  • We have got your Back – Support & Services
  • Going the Extra Mile – Ongoing Consulting

The ebook is co-authored by UpsideLMS’ Client Relationship Leaders – Vishakha Sharma and Saurabh Deshlehra.

A Step-by-step Guide to LMS Success‘ is available for free download here.


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