There is hardly any higher authority on distilling Indian mythology into modern business practices and sourcing Vedic knowledge to impact HR, leadership and management than the one and only Devdutt Pattanailk. We had the pleasure of meeting Devdutt at our booth at People Matters TechHR India 2019 conference and exhibition, where he also agreed to do a book signing session exclusively for us and our guests and visitors.  

Such is the lure of the mythologist, author and speaker that we just can’t get enough of his wisdom, distilled through his many books. Which is why we wanted to complement our latest survey titled ‘Business Impact & the LMS: Connecting the Dots’ with a give-away of a personally signed copy of his bestseller ‘The Leadership Sutra’, which takes a practical and distinctive look at startling and original insights into the exercise of power and leadership using stories, symbols and rituals from Hindu, Jain and Buddhist mythologies.

We urge HR, L&D and learning-technology professionals alike to take this survey, with the only rule being that you give your feedback before 25th October 2019 to be able to qualify for the prize.

The ‘Business Impact & the LMS: Connecting the Dots’ survey is a small part of our continued efforts to glean valuable feedback about L&D practices, emerging technologies and to increase the adoption of technology-enabled learning in the workplace. The feedback collected and the insights gained will help us develop better learn-tech solutions and valuable resources to help organizations better analyze their L&D practices and encourage the adoption of learning technology and the LMS.

Employee training is an inevitable part of an organization, whether big or small, in order to achieve a greater business impact. Employee training not only leads to better engagement but also ensures the employees know their roles and responsibilities and what’s expected from them. However, offering training that ensures a positive impact on the employees and the organization is not easy. And, through the ‘Business Impact & the LMS’ survey we would like to hear your thoughts, and know more and better understand the challenges you face, in order to develop the right solutions for your challenges.

Finally, investing in the right LMS that suits your needs is sure to create a positive impact on your organization and employees. Echoing Devdutt’s thoughts on learning being a ubiquitous part of culture, we believe that equipped with the right learning, your leadership, management and employees can keep growing and perform better, thus driving growth and better ROI.

For more information about the survey, visit here.

Here’s a video of Devdutt Pattanaik rocking the People Matters TechHR India 2019 stage.