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UpsideLMS' Toolkit Promises to Fast-Track Organisations' Journey to LMS Success

June 2017
UpsideLMS' Toolkit Promises to Fast-Track Organisations' Journey to LMS Success

Organisations, whether implementing an LMS for the first time or switching to another one, need to follow a pre-defined set of processes, adhere to some best practices and tips, understand everything there is about the LMS, and learn how other companies are managing their learning/ training so as to succeed with their LMS initiatives. Hinged on this belief, UpsideLMS has released its first toolkit, called 'LMS Success Kit'.

A culled and curated collection of UpsideLMS' finest LMS resources packed with practical and easy-to-implement tips, best practices, and guidelines, 'LMS Success Kit' distills UpsideLMS' 13+ years of industry experience and LMS know-how while promising to make the LMS journey effortless, effective and successful for companies, irrespective of their scale, size or type.

"The 'LMS Success Kit' is an important tool in an organisation's L&D arsenal, especially when going down the LMS route. I have seen the best laid LMS plans fails and strategies falter not just in one or two organisations but in scores of them. And while it may seem surprising, it's not always because of the lack of resources (or budgets) but some other inherent problems, which can be easily overcome with some LMS know-how, tips, best practices and use cases. Our toolkit does this for you."

Amit GautamDirector - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning

Key topics:

  1. 10 Effective LMS RFP Guidelines
  2. LMS Buying Tips
  3. LMS Switching Guide
  4. LMS Pricing 101
  5. A Step-by-step Guide to LMS Success
  6. Marketing Strategy for a Successful LMS Roll-Out
  7. LMS Case Studies

'LMS Success Kit' is available for a FREE download here.

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